Frequent Shipper?

What is an Open Cargo Policy?
  Rather than insuring each shipment individually and obtaining separate insurance policy for each, you have one policy that covers all of the shipments that you send automatically.
Can InsureCargo Obtain an Open Cargo Policy for me?
  Yes!  Rather than utilizing our online quote and policy issuance facility, which is designed to insure individual shipments, simply follow the instructions below to complete the Open Cargo Policy Application and our representative will obtain a quotation for you from one of our many global cargo insurance companies
Should I have an Open Cargo Policy?
  To evaluate whether it makes sense for you to have your own policy, you need to consider the following factors:
  •  Do you ship more than a few times per year?  If so, it may give you peace of mind to know that your shipments will be covered automatically without having to remember to buy insurance every time.
  •  Do you ship more than about $500,000 in values during the course of the year?  If so, it may be advantageous to have your own Open Cargo Policy. An Open Cargo Policy does have a minimum premium starting at $1,500 annually, but you may pay a lower rate making it worthwhile.
    What are the Advantages of Purchasing my own Open Cargo Policy?
      In most instances, volume importers and exporters will benefit by taking control of their own insurance coverage. You can negotiate the best rates and get full coverage for every shipment.
  •  Lower Costs:  In addition to obtaining lower rates for larger volumes, you may also benefit from lower rates if your loss experience is better than average.
  •  A Policy Tailored to Your Needs:  With your own Open Cargo Policy, the insuring conditions are specifically suited to your individual requirements rather than to the wide diversity of commodities and trades which concern a freight forwarder or customs broker.
  •  Comfort in Knowing you have Coverage:  You are automatically covered by your Open Cargo Policy on each and every shipment.
  •  Local Claims Handling:  Without your own Open Cargo Policy, you may have to rely on an insurance company that may not speak your language, which has a policy you can’t read and who may settle the loss from a foreign country. The claims payment may not be in the currency you desire
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