Sample Letter Putting the Shipping Carrier on Notice of Claim

The shipping carrier must be notified in writing as soon as a loss is discovered.  This is important so that we may recover damages from the responsible party and it is a duty required of you in your insurance contract.  All shipping companies limit the time period within which you may file your claim.  Please refer toTime Limits for Filing a Claim Against Carriers / Liability of Carriers for a complete listing.

Today’s Date

To: Steamship Line, Air Carrier, Trucker
123 Main Street
Anytown U.S.A.

RE: Name of ship or air carrier
  Bill of Lading or Air Waybill number
  Voyage or flight number, Container Number
  Arrival Date
  Description of Cargo (i.e.:  35 cartons of frozen shrimp)

Dear Shipping Carrier:

Please accept this letter as a formal notice of loss.  We are filing a claim against you in the amount of $________ U.S. (insert the total insured value of damaged merchandise) for loss and/or damage sustained to the above referenced shipment.  We are attempting to mitigate this loss.  We will advise you as to our success. 

If this is a refrigerated shipment add:  You are required to retain all temperature records (Partlow, etc.) for our review.


InsureCargo Customer


Marine Insurance Company

PO Box 12345

Anytown, CA 92345-6789